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Country:  United States of America (USA)      Brand:  Common tube type USA 
  Tube type:  Pentagrid-Converter (Heptode)   Pentagrid (old)   Controlling (mu) 
Identical to 6A8 = 6Q8 = 6a8
Similar Tubes 6A8GT (other shape (e.g. bulb, size))   6A8MG (other shape (e.g. bulb, size))   6A8G (other shape (e.g. bulb, size))   PH4 (can normally be replaced - small diff'ce)   7B8 (other base)   11A8 (Heater different)  
First Source (s) 15.Aug.1935 : Electron Tube Registration List
Predecessor Tubes 6A7   2A7  
Successor Tubes 6SA7   6TH8G  

Base Octal (Int.Octal, IO) K8A, USA 1935 (Codex=Ue) Top contact with a cap
Was used by Radio/TV-reception etc.
Filament -: Indirect / -: Parallel / series AC/DC / If: 0.3 Ampere / Vf 6.3 Volts /
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Literature Essential Characteristics, GE 1973   
Taschenbuch zum Röhren-Codex 1948/49